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Get that football feeling in your office

Get that football feeling in your office

June 22, 2018

Get that football feeling in your office

At Spinify we are WorldCup18 football crazy, and we are pleased to announce two new great features!

You can now get your leaderboards pumping with the look and feel of the FIFA WorldCup18.

2 Exciting new editions

  • FIFA Game Type. Turn your players into soccer balls to compete on the field with the new fun theme. (Image at the top)
  • FIFA Background. Get the spirit of FIFA in your office with the new background category! Below is 1 of many awesome new FIFA backgrounds!


World Cup is a great event and what better way to celebrate it than with Spinify’s Lively Leaderboards.

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Jacob Kinsman

Business Operations Manager, Harcourts Real Estate 

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