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PA Housing provide housing across the Midlands, London and the South East offering a range of housing solutions from affordable rent and independent living to shared ownership and outright sale for those in need.

What do you and your team like best?

My team and me are passionate about providing a high level of customer service, but also a quick and efficient service to all that contact us. We love having leaderboards on who has answered the most calls and we also interested in using your new game the elimination as we love a fun environment.

What is your primary role when using this product?

My role is too look after Spinify completely which includes adding users, creating the leaderboards and looking at new ideas to share with the Spinify team as tech is my passion. I love Spinify.

What business problems are you solving with Spinify?

Our main business problem was we weren’t answering enough calls and only had a 60% answered rate, which simply wasn’t enough for our customers and business. Now with Spinify and the transparency, it has brought with the little friendly competition and we are now answering 90% of our calls with a decreased time length.

The Results:

Metrics have improved due to staff engagement and transparency to all our staff on our figures. Emails are answered within 1 day rather than 3 and calls are answered under 5 minutes with 90% answered rate to our customers. The main benefit of Spinify is the enjoyment that our Customer Service Agents get out of it and the competition it brings. We believe that staff engagement improves customer engagement and we are certainly seeing that. Spinify is constantly helping us on daily basis with briefing messages for agents to be aware of any business changes. it has helped us motivate our staff, improve our customer services, and given us more smiles on the face. We believe due to Spinify’s constant attitude to improve the service that we will use it for many years to come and excited what Spinify might bring, keep up the great work guys.

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