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Valiant increased productivity from gamification with Spinify


Surry Hills, Australia





Valiant Finance is an online business loan marketplace that helps business owners compare and apply digitally for finance to over 90+ lenders across Australia.

What do you and your team like best?

As a company we love using Spinify because it allows us to gamify everyday tasks. We also like how we can link individual results to theme songs which creates a constant buz and energy around the office. Another great aspect is the recognition it offers to high achievers as people can hear which theme songs are played and who is leading via the leaderboards.

What is your primary role when using this product?

My primary role was incorporating the product into our standard daily operating rhythm and ensuring it was being adopted as intended. There are not very many solutions in the market that offer all the key features of Spinify so we are very excited to finally have found a company who does.

What business problems are you solving with Spinify?

Our goal with Spinify was to gamify monotonous everyday tasks and celebrate the wins. If you do the same thing every day it can become quite repetitive and so trying to find ways to gamify it was a big priority for our business. Spinify was exactly the solution that we were looking for which offered an easy integration into our CRM along with all the bells and whistles

The results:

Our team engagement has increased and the energy levels have risen significantly. People now get really excited when they submit and application or help settle a loan for a customer. It also has created a competitive vibe amongst teams on who will be the leader for the month.

Since rolling out Spinify we have seen:

  • Increase in daily application submissions by 25%
  • Daily call activity increase by roughly 30% across the sales floor
  • It has been a great tool for increasing activity levels across the board.

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Keep your team engaged and motivated to excel with Spinify.

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