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Sales Gamification leaderboards show staff performance on the office TV’s, mobile apps and desktops.

Sales Gamification Solution To Motivate Reps

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Gamification Tactics

Add fun and excitement to your team by ranking their performance and celebrating their achievements on a TV.

Data Visibility

Provide easy access to performance metrics to boost self awareness in staff. Awareness translates into self management.

Rep Recognition

Managers and peers cheer rep victories and progress towards their targets with personalized celebrations.

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Increase Rep Performance

Use gamification with the tasks, KPIs and targets that you want your team to focus on and improve. Spinify uses leaderboards, achievements, specialized engagement screens and more to get an uplift from your reps.

  • Clarify staff goals
  • Monitor progress against a target
  • Celebrate the top performers
  • Share the leaderboards on office TVs and apps

Celebrate Milestones

As a manager one of the hardest things to do is motivate your team in the daily grind of their tasks and progress to reach targets.

Spinify celebrates various goals and milestones they reach. Won a deal! Hit 100% of target! Had Birthday or work anniversary! You choose when and Spinify and your reps cheer them on.

Spinify Gamification Leaderboards Motivate Teams To Succeed!

Our Gamification software is designed to have an immediate positive uplift to your team members and company.

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Gamification Software That’s Easy To Setup

In less than fifteen minutes, you can turn your data into a leaderboard competitions to start motivating staff to do more activities.

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