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Engage business managers with sales data on a leaderboard based on your Shopify data. They can intervene faster, deciding when to promote slow moving items, reduce prices or put them on sale.

  • Clarify investment in products
  • Monitor sales against your budget
  • Celebrate as products become top sellers
  • Share the leaderboard on office TVs and apps

Improved Insights

Drive your team towards your target goal
using motivating insights where they can see
how close they are on the leaderboard or
how hard they have to chase the leader.

Shopify Leaderboard Features

Designed to make an immediate impact to your business and product managers and company results.
Easy setup in minutes.

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See Sales Instantly

As a business manager one of the hardest things to do is understand in real time which products are selling well and which need some help to lift sales.

Our Shopify leaderboards provide this feedback in an engaging and informative way.

Setup is easy and can be completed in minutes.


Setting up Shopify with Spinify is Easy

In less than fifteen minutes, you can turn your Shopify data into a leaderboard and start motivating staff to do more activities.

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Brilliant Customers

We have always been looking for new ways to give more recognition to our Agents and Staff. Spinify is exactly what we we were looking for and then some!

Jessica Coughran

Coldwell Banker Town and Country

We highly recommend any business to get visual with data and metrics!

Kiel Glass

LJ Hooker Bondi Beach

Spinify leaderboards are a great way to encourage healthy competition, between Agents which is the key to their success.

Theo Field

I.T. & Systems Manager
Ray White Remuera

Make your team as successful as these teams

How to

Add fun and excitement to your team by having their performance ranked on an interactive leaderboard platform.

Visibility of performance builds an organization culture of transparency.

Transparency changes behavior. Reps do more when they can see how close colleagues are on the leaderboard and a prediction of target achievement.


As a manager one of the hardest things to do is motivate your staff in the daily grind of completing tasks and progress against their targets.

Our leaderboards provide a choice of competitive or collaborative events. You decide.

Using Spinify Sales Gamification IT Management company Monster Technology experienced an average uplift in monthly net profits of 66%

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