Call Center

Engage. Motivate. Coach.

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Call Center

Improve the number of calls made and culture in your call center. Designed to engage and motivate staff to stay connected and focus on specific targets set out by managers.

  • Personalize
    100’s of Photo + Video backgrounds
  • Higher Sales
    27% Higher Sales Than Disengaged Colleagues
  • Easy Setup
    Takes less then a few minutes to setup in full
  • Engage
    Staff 31% Higher Productivity
  • Motivate
    Over 20+ screen types
  • Coach
    Insights Using Spinify Performance Grid

Salesforce is the largest CRM of choice for businesses. Monitor employee performance in a highly visible way with Leaderboards set on their key business activies.

Google Sheets

Rank team performance, display on a TV and celebrate progress. Leaderboards run automatically after simple setup.

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Call Center KPIs

Set individual call targets for each rep, setting a level playing field across regions and skill level. You decide which targets to focus on to best improve the team. Here are a few examples of targets you can set in a Spinify leaderboard:

  • Dollar value of all qualified sales in the quarter
  • Number of outbound calls made today
  • Number of leads qualified for the month
Set individual call targets
Create Lively Leaderboards

Increase Dials

Want to increase the number of outbound dials? Creating Lively Leaderboards is the solution. Setup a leaderboard to add visibility and focus for the team. Set the target and let Spinify motivate the team to reach the goals that you set out.

Qualify more calls

Spinify helps the team qualify more calls. This is achieved by real time visibility of data. In the past, you may have met with a rep only once a week to discuss where they need improvements and have to wait another week to see any change. With Spinify, every interaction with the office CRM is pushed to a relevant leaderboard. Data is updated in real time. Reps compete with each other to do more.

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Spinify helps the team qualify more calls
Keep everyone engaged

Engage the team

Office culture is critical to success in any real estate business. Keeping everyone engaged is a real challenge. Using Spinify it’s super easy to add motivational messages like:

  • Personal messages
  • Live streaming content
  • Youtube videos
  • Web pages
  • Static images

And more…

Gamify staff with engaging competitions.