Metrics, KPIs, Targets

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Choosing Metrics

Reps hit a lot of milestones throughout their day not just the final outcome. It is ideal to track and encourage reps improve in all of these milestones. Improving these milestones help reps hit their final goal easier.

Simply sit down and write out the steps reps need to complete and you’ll start discovering personalized metrics you can create motivational leaderboards on.

KPIs & Targets

Spinify leaderboards can run with or without a target. Setting a goal for the rep gives them something to aim for and has been seen to improve performance. Not sure what the goal should be there are a couple options to choose from:

  • Set it to what the rep got last month
  • Run a month without a target, then set the 1st players score to the target
  • Use the historical best month and strive to hit that again

Setting a Deadline

Leaderboards need to end, that way you can celebrate what reps have accomplished and start a fresh competition with a level playing field. When it comes to choosing when it should end, look at the duration of the task itself.

  • If its a short time to complete then create daily or weekly goals.
  • If its a longer process like closing a deal, then look at setting monthly or quarterly goals

Sample Leaderboards

To help kickstart some ideas for your team, below are other leaderboards companies use.