Class Name: text-display

Heading 1

Class Name: text-h1 or by default, use the h1 tag

Heading 2

Class Name: text-h2 or by default, use the h2 tag

Heading 3

Class Name: text-h3 or by default, use the h3 tag

Heading 4

Class Name: text-h4 or by default, use the h4 tag

Heading 5
Class Name: text-h5 or by default, use the h5 tag

Body 1

Class Name: text-body-one or by default, use the p tag

Body 2

Class Name: text-body-two


Class Name: text-eyebrow

Class Name: text-links


Primary Orange

Class Name (for text): primary-orange
Class Name (for background): bg-primary-orange

Primary Black

Class Name (for text): primary-black
Class Name (for background): bg-primary-black

Primary Dark Blue

Class Name (for text): primary-darkblue
Class Name (for background): bg-primary-darkblue

Primary Dark Violet

Class Name (for text): primary-darkviolet
Class Name (for background): bg-primary-darkviolet

Primary Bright Violet

Class Name (for text): primary-brightviolet
Class Name (for background): bg-primary-brightviolet

Neutrals Black

Class Name (for text): neutrals-black
Class Name (for background): bg-neutrals-black

Neutrals Gray

Class Name (for text): neutrals-gray
Class Name (for background): bg-neutrals-gray

Neutrals Lightgray

Class Name (for text): neutrals-lightgray
Class Name (for background): bg-neutrals-lightgray

Neutrals Peachgray

Class Name (for text): neutrals-peachgray
Class Name (for background): bg-neutrals-peachgray

Neutrals Lightgray 2

Class Name (for text): neutrals-lightgray2
Class Name (for background): bg-neutrals-lightgray2

Neutrals White

Class Name (for text): neutrals-white
Class Name (for background): bg-neutrals-white

Neutrals Brown

Class Name (for text): neutrals-brown
Class Name (for background): bg-neutrals-brown

Neutrals Periwinkle

Class Name (for text): neutrals-periwinkle
Class Name (for background): bg-neutrals-periwinkle

Neutrals Orange

Class Name (for text): neutrals-orange
Class Name (for background): bg-neutrals-orange


Gradient 1

Class Name: bg-gradient-1

Gradient 2

Class Name: bg-gradient-2

Gradient 3

Class Name: bg-gradient-3

Gradient 4

Class Name: bg-gradient-4

Gradient 5

Class Name: bg-gradient-5

Gradient 6

Class Name: bg-gradient-6

Gradient 7

Class Name: bg-gradient-7

Gradient 8

Class Name: bg-gradient-8


Primary Button

Request Demo
Class Name: custom-btn custom-btn-orange

Secondary Button

Request Demo
Class Name: custom-btn custom-btn-violet

Text Button

See All Features
Class Name: custom-btn custom-btn-violet

Outline Button

See All Features
Class Name: custom-btn custom-btn-outline