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BLOG / 5 Ways to Get More Out of Bullhorn

5 Ways to Get More Out of Bullhorn

February 22, 2021

Bullhorn is one of the best recruiting software and applicant tracking system out there. However, if you want to make the most out of Bullhorn, you should use a gamification solution with it.

At Spinify, our leading gamification software solution supports Bullhorn integration. Here are five ways you can get more out of Bullhorn with our leading sales gamification software solution.

Track Activities and Outcomes

Tracking activities and outcomes of your team have never been this easy thanks to Spinify leaderboards.

With Spinify, you can integrate your Bullhorn account and track your staff’s activities and outcomes in minutes.

Bullhorn + Spinify integration lets you track the placements and job submissions of your staff with built-in leaderboards.

Spinify leaderboards automatically update your staff’s sales information as soon as their score or ranking changes. Moreover, you can also track all the recruitment KPIs that contribute to success with multiple metrics on a single leaderboard.

From head-to-head competitions to contests of job placements or submissions, Spinify leaderboards give you full control over every element of sales competitions. Apart from competitions, our gamification software lets you set custom targets for each member in your team – customization and inclusion at its peak.

With Spinify gamification software solution, tracking activities and outcomes of your recruitment operation are in your hands.

Celebrate Staff Accomplishments

Spinify isn’t just limited to tracking activities and outcomes; it’s more than that. With Spinify, celebrating your recruitment staff accomplishments is simple and straightforward.

Once a target or goal is reached, the Spinify gamification software notifies you and the reps who have hit the target. From surpassing a financial goal to making 50 calls a day, no matter what the achievement is, Spinify covers it all.

The best thing about the Spinify software is that you can customize everything. From playing a song to sending out motivational messages and adding memes, the celebrations are in your control, as well as your team’s.

Without proper celebration and appreciation, your staff won’t perform as well as they could. That’s why we have given a lot of flexibility to the admins and the sales reps so they can celebrate in style.

Set Goals and Motivate Staff

Setting goals and motivating staff isn’t an easy job. It requires you to set challenging yet achievable goals for your team.

With Spinify, you can do just that by simply using the normalizing concept in your recruitment space. For those of you who don’t know about normalization, it’s the process of comparing one company to the entire industry.

The process of normalization is all about setting up leaderboards and comparing your practices with where the industry stands. Spinify lets you do just that with its features like leaderboards and performance grid.

With Spinify, you get to set group and individual goals for your recruitment staff – and motivate them by showing them the current state of your industry.

Spinify leaderboards will provide visibility for your entire recruitment space. This will help your team members to improve their performance, and it will work as a substantial motivating factor.

Display Data Everywhere

Without displaying and reminding your staff of their current levels and standings, you can’t expect them to show any progress or buy into the program.

Thanks to Spinify + Bullhorn integration, you can show the progress of your reps, goal statuses, achievements, etc., on big screens.

Designed especially for big screens like TVs, you can display ranks of your reps and other useful data with the Spinify gamification software. No matter how many TVs are installed in your recruitment space, Spinify can show the data on unlimited devices.

Apart from displaying data on TVs, Spinify lets you link your TVs to desktops. This allows you to control the content on your TV directly from your desktops.

Last and certainly not least, Spinify updates the data on TV in real-time. Whether it’s the reminder of deadlines or a celebration announcement, every display stays up to date.

Reward Staff for Accomplishments

Accomplishments don’t drive motivation until and unless they are rewarded. By connecting your Bullhorn account to Spinify for tracking achievements, you also get to reward your staff.

Whenever your recruitment reps achieve an individual goal or top the leaderboard in any competition, reward them for their contributions.

Secondly, don’t make the rewarding program boring; set exciting rewards that automatically trigger your team’s motivation and drive.

For instance, set-up a competition amongst your recruiters and announce that the winner will get a week off! The point is to set rewards that make your staff go all-in with their hard work and motivation to achieve them.

Final Words

Although Bullhorn is a well-known recruiting software solution, you can get more out of it with our gamification software.

Use the ways we have described above to make your recruitment space full of drive and motivation.

Lastly, give us a follow on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay updated with all the latest and greatest news about gamification.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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