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Making the Client “Numero Uno”

June 14, 2016

Customer focussed, customer-centric are just buzz words unless your sales and service people fully understand that their success and their remuneration is dependent on achieving successful outcomes for the customer. This might be supporting the customer’s dream (of being a successful online retailer, when all the statistics show a very high failure rate for these business ventures for example) or helping them achieve a promotion or achieve their own target incentives. It is important to make the client “Numero Uno”.

While your customer may talk about a “company” outcome they will always have an individual reward or success that is an imperative of the business venture they are talking about, to you. The failure to understand the ‘personal” in any deal is to underestimate the power of people buying from people. While there are many things we buy that are reduced to commodity status, even these can be influenced by a personal touch. This might be an email, an SMS, a mention on social media, a testimonial, or a phone call. Never hesitate to evoke a personal relationship for any deal that is going around.

Always remember and never forget these things in making the client “Numero Uno”!

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