Polish the Shoes, Iron the Collar, Knot the Tie

Even if your sales or service people never meet a customer and never leave the office there is no excuse for slovenly dressing or behavior. There is a certain confidence that comes from looking polishly good and being upright when answering a call from or making a call to a customer. Posture affects our lung capacity and therefore the resonance of our voice and how confident and assertive we sound when talking about the company, its products, and our knowledge of how it will benefit you as a customer. Polish the Shoes, Iron the Collar, Knot the Tie!

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106, 2021

8 Sales Enablement Best Practices

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If you’re asking, “what is sales enablement?”, we’ve gone in-depth into what it’s all about here, but if you need a tiny refresher, sales enablement is a “strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales [...]

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