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The Best Activities You Can Gamify in the Workplace

April 30, 2020

A lot of managers think that it’s enough to gamify reaching the targets to get great results.

But let’s be real: meeting a target isn’t a quick thing. It’s a process.

In fact, it’s a process that requires quite a few steps. From researching different prospects, to following up with them and creating the perfect offer. Then multiply that by as many times as you need to reach the target.

It’s a lot of work.

And the more work it takes to reach the target, the harder it is to stay motivated. 

So when we talk about gamification strategy, we have to talk about gamifying activities and actions that contribute to positive outcomes.

If your team members get better at completing activities in your process, they’ll get better at hitting the outcomes. 

In this article, we’re going to show you the most important activities you should gamify in the workplace to truly reap all the benefits.

Let’s take a look!

How to Identify Activities You Should Gamify

Don’t just gamify the final results, but the process itself.


First, you should identify routine tasks that contribute to your goals.

For example, in sales teams, these are often:

  • Researching prospects
  • Cold calls and calls in general
  • Follow-ups

And so on. 

For recruitment agencies, routine tasks can include:

  • Posting job ads
  • Vetting pipeline candidates
  • Scheduling interviews

Can you spot a pattern here? These are all activities whose outcomes your employees can directly affect. They’re easy to complete, and it’s easy to understand the next step.

Conversely, if you gamify an activity like “win a deal,” things get confusing. There are a lot of parts to that activity – you have to get in touch with the lead first, convince them to consider your offer, etc.

The moment your employee sees that, they’ll want to quit.

But if you motivate them to do something as simple as dialing the phone, it’ll be much easier for them to complete it and keep going. 

Start with Your Processes

The list of gamification activities looks a little different for each company.

Like we said, it’s important to start with your processes:

  • Review your sales funnel(s)
  • Talk to your teams

Then, create a list of all the activities they complete in order to reach the favorable outcome.

Since we’ve worked with a variety of companies here at Spinify, here are the activities we’ve found to be the best when it comes to gamification…

Best Activities You Can Gamify in Sales

When it comes to sales, you can’t go wrong with following the trail of the funnel.

What do your reps do at every stage of the funnel?

For example, in the awareness stage, the reps dealing with it likely qualify leads. How do they do it?

Add every one of those steps to Spinify, and assign them a point value:

  • Calls
  • Qualification activities
  • Tasks completed
  • Follow-ups
  • Upgrades and upsells
  • Trials and demos started

And more!

You can gamify pretty much everything with Spinify.

Pro tip for sales team gamification: 

Make sure you start by gamifying those activities you can’t break down further.

For example, gamify calls – not closed deals. 

Best Activities to Gamify in Real Estate

After breaking down activities in your process, start gamifying your real estate teams:

  • Houses listed
  • Appraisals
  • Showings


Best Activities to Gamify in Recruitment

Finally, if your staff’s main task is helping companies recruit top talent, you should keep them motivated by gamifying recruitment activities such as:

  • Candidates sourced
  • Candidates interviewed
  • Jobs filled

Again, place an emphasis on incremental activities like sourcing candidates. 

How Spinify Helps You Gamify Activities in the Workplace

In addition to letting you assign a point value to each activity your employees perform, Spinify has plenty of other benefits:

  • Encourage healthy competition with leaderboards and contests
  • Help your employees improve their skills by setting individual goals
  • Get unique and personalized coaching insights based on every team member’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Celebrate achievements and keep your team connected

And more!

We’ve originally developed our tool as a sales dashboard, but it can help you gamify all the meaningful activities at your company – no matter what you do.

The key is to start off with the basics. 

After all, if you can motivate your employees to perform routine tasks, you can motivate them to shoot for the moon.

And that’s exactly what Spinify helps you do!

Start your free trial, and make your work more fun!

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