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The Best Tools to Gamify the Workplace

June 8, 2020

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an ancient aphorism that’s also a  testament to how important it is to balance your work, and your play. And since we’re all spending more and more time at work, why not introduce some play to your work? Gamify the workplace to make sure that your employees are both having fun at work, and improving their performance constantly.

Let’s see how it works!

Why Do You Need Workplace Gamification?

Gamification of the workplace is not about playing video games. It’s about making your employees’ minds sharper, and their job engagement higher.

Gamification takes the heat off of work and helps your reps get back to completing the task at hand. 

Recent surveys have proven that gamification in the workplace can boost productivity, efficiency and morale of the employees. 

So when it comes to how to gamify the workplace, it’s all about using games that incorporate competition, real-time engagement, and reward systems to induce the same effect playing an online video game has.

The Best Tools to Gamify the Workplace

Spinify – The Best Workplace Gamification Tool


Spinify puts the “game” in “workplace gamification.”

It’s a software made specifically for performance-driven teams. Because your reps and employees can lose their enthusiasm after a while, Spinify helps you keep them engaged.

Spinify helps you put up a virtual leaderboard to review the performance of each employee. They can also complete.

And you can also monitor and reward every employee for their performance with:

  • Points
  • Badges
  • Achievements
  • Bonuses and rewards

All of this motivates them to work even harder!

Spinify also adds friendly competition to the workplace with gamification. Employees can compete, as well as work together to achieve common goals. Competition keeps them on their toes, and helps them feel more accomplished and productive at work. 

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Who said training and onboarding can’t be fun? 

With Zunos, you can either revamp the pre-installed modules to create a scoreboard and other fun ways to train your employees or simply create a new program from scratch. 

With different plug-ins and methods to score trainees and assign tasks, you will keep them on their toes and revolutionize the way your company trains new hires. 

From certifications, badges, rewards, and goals, to push notifications and emails reminding them of their tasks, you can transform the way your employees work with one app.  

Do It Now 

For workplace gamification at an individual scale (perfect if your reps are motivated by their personal productivity, and not competition), try to Do It Now.

Do It Now is an RPG-based app. 

This gamification app includes your employees as the titular characters of the game that get a to-do list.

Starting from the most boring tasks, your employees can level up and move up on the ladder once they finish each task. This not only helps them earn ‘gold’ in the game (which can be exchanged for virtual rewards) but also ensures they complete their pending tasks and improve real-life skills

Do It Now is great for smaller teams!


QuizGame is a great platform for training and onboarding new employees, as well as helping your existing employees retain their knowledge.

For example, if you have a sales team and plenty of new products, you can use QuizGame to help them remember the specifics, as well as the customer personas.

Your teams can answer questions in the quizzes, as well as compete, and play mini-games.

This is a pretty fun, light app. 

How Spinify Can Help Gamify The Workplace

All things considered, Spinify is definitely the best workplace gamification tool.

With plenty of features, including leaderboards, contests, as well as performance and coaching insights, Spinify is everything you need to make work more engaging and improve your team’s performance. 

Spinify works great for:

  • Big companies that want to transform their organizations
  • Small companies that want to boost their productivity
  • Remote work teams that want to stay connected

From sales to recruitment, every industry can have fun while boosting their productivity.

It’s the Spinify way!

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Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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