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Top 5 Sales Enablement Skills Needed

A sales enablement team helps your sales department to do their jobs effectively.

But how? They provide the resources, content, knowledge, and set strategies so everyone in sales can concentrate on their primary jobs rather than secondary responsibilities.

Sales enablement boosts the overall efficiency of your sales team. But what qualities should you be looking for in a sales enablement candidate?

It’s important to fill your sales enablement team with the right people. And that’s why today, we are going to list the top five sales enablement skills that every candidate must possess.

Remember these five skills whenever you are hiring a candidate for your sales enablement depart.

Excellent Communicator

While interviewing a candidate for your sales enablement team, you should first analyze their communication skills.

A sales enablement candidate must be an excellent communicator as their job description requires dealing with a bunch of people.

A typical day in the life of a sales enablement individual circles around taking/giving feedback to teams, dispersing the proper knowledge, understanding the roles of different people, etc.

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Only a person who’s an excellent communicator will be able to swiftly fulfill the requirements of effectively listening, talking, understanding, presenting, and writing.

And if a sales enablement candidate isn’t quite strong in communicating with people from different walks of life, they are incompetent for the job.

Lifelong Learner

A sales enablement department is all about staying one step ahead of the market. And that’s only possible if the candidates in your sales enablement team are lifelong learners.

Trends come and go, and evolution takes place in the sales space every now and then. To keep the sales department standout, a sales enablement team must be ready to learn 24/7 so that they can preach and lead the sales team according to what’s going on in the market.

If you don’t see any spark of continuous learning in an individual, it’s a major red flag. A person connected to a sales enablement depart must be a lifelong learner and ready to adapt to the sales world’s ever-changing essences.

Knows How To Make Content Useable & Consumable

Sales enablement teams are like mentors in a sales organization. They are responsible for deciding strategies, useful content, and everything in between to help salespeople stay focused on their primary role.

A sales enablement candidate must be able to make useable and consumable content for the people who are around him or her. It’s the job of a sales enablement candidate to make resources for the salespeople digestible and easy to understand.

Your ideal hire will be able to filter the hard stuff into easy-to-follow steps for every person on the sales team.

Motivation ideas, training exercises, strategy implementation, and you name it. Regardless of the type of resources, a perfect sales enablement candidate is required to make the content useable and consumable by all.

Outstanding Collaborator

The ability to collaborate with various departments, people, and stakeholders is one of the essential things you should look out for in a sales enablement candidate.

Why? It’s because a sales enablement individual is like a shepherd. And for the person to guide and direct a pack of people in a particular direction, outstanding collaboration skills are a must.

Without collaborating and connecting with people on both personal and professional levels, a sales enablement candidate will not be able to perform their primary duties.

When you are screening the candidate, make sure to ask and confirm if he or she has any previous leadership experience.

Empathy will also be a plus point as it will help the candidate to put themselves in the shoes of different roles and think/act accordingly.

Deep Familiarity With Ever-Changing Buying Processes

The way how a buyer buys a product or service is changing rapidly. And it’s hard to say that this phenomenon will ever come to an end. So, the people in charge of providing the resources to salespeople must have deep familiarity with the ever-changing buying cycle.

To keep up with the market of buyer’s journey, the candidate you are interviewing must have up-to-date knowledge of the history and present of buying processes.

How the buyer’s journey has been evolving, what are the factors affecting it, how it’s going to be after ten years, etc., are some questions you must use to evaluate and judge the candidate’s knowledge.

Final Words

If you have successfully found a candidate that possesses the skills we have mentioned, then there’s no one stopping you from revitalizing your sales department.

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