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Top Bullhorn Gamification Benefits

February 9, 2021

Gamification in recruitment can lead to a ton of benefits. If you use gamification in Bullhorn, a renowned recruiting software, and applicant tracking system, you can reap many perks.

Today, we are going to highlight some of the top Bullhorn gamification benefits. If you gamify the Bullhorn software solution the right way, you can easily achieve these benefits. So without further, let’s start exploring the benefits!

Helps to Find Top Talent

Recruiting is a tough job as you can’t really examine an applicant’s true potential in a short interview. But with Bullhorn gamification, finding top talent is simple.

As a recruiter, you can use the Bullhorn platform to conduct a contest related to the post you are hiring for.

For instance, if it’s a job for a front-end developer, set-up a contest to make a website and reward the winner with a cash prize. This way, you’ll be able to short-list the top talent from the contents without wasting time undertaking a formal interview beforehand.

Uncle Grey came up to a deal with Team Fortress 2 players for putting up posters in the game for the available jobs. The response was overwhelming, and it helped Uncle Grey to find the right developers.

Recognizes True Performers

As a company’s recruitment sector manager, you would always want to recognize the true performers. However, without using gamification, it’s actually quite hard to do that.

By using gamification and setting up contests, tournaments, etc., in your recruiters, you’ll easily be able to recognize true performers.

With gamification software features like leaderboards and performance grids, you’ll be able to see the top performers in real time.

A sales gamification software will help you see the individual performance of every recruiter on your team. From how many jobs they have filled to their recruitment success rate, everything will be available to you with clear data.

Once you have recognized the true performers, you can appreciate them in front of everyone and reward them with prizes. This will motivate them to keep up their hard work and continue defying the odds.

Exposes Low Achievers

Another great benefit of gamifying the Bullhorn software solution is that it will expose the lower performers.

If your recruitment staff is using Bullhorn to track and recruit applicants without integrating gamification software, you won’t be able to identify the low achievers.

Recruiters who aren’t performing well or fulfilling their job requirements will not be exposed without adding gamification. They’ll continue on, potentially damaging the performance of the company’s recruitment space.

However, by using gamification software, you can run contests and tournaments which track individual performance to expose low achievers.

Gamification gives you the power of determining the recruiters in your space who aren’t contributing to the company’s success. This offers the opportunity to start the coaching or re-training process sooner rather than later to improve performance.

Boosts the Spirit of Collaboration

As a manager, gamifying the Bullhorn software solution in your recruitment space will boost the spirit of collaboration in your team.

How? When all the recruiters will be able to see their colleagues’ real-time rank, they’ll feel connected. This connection will lead them to collaborate with each other on different tasks and goals.

Secondly, appreciation and identification will open the air for high achievers to help out the lower performers. Moreover, low achievers will be able to easily reach out to the top performers to seek out guidance and support.

Because team members are motivated to better their ranks and points, they’ll collaborate more and help each other fulfill their goals.

Adding gamification in any sector has proved to boost the spirit of collaboration. Integrate a gamification solution to your Bullhorn account today and see the changes.

Identifies Flaws and Loopholes

Last and certainly not least, gamifying your Bullhorn recruitment space helps to identify flaws and loopholes in operations.

With gamification, you get to track individual progress, run contests, and more. This helps you take a detailed look at where the recruiters are lacking success and identify why those flaws and loopholes are occurring.

As all the data is available to you, you can easily create reports and analyze them to see where things are going wrong.

If you don’t have integrated a gamification software solution with Bullhorn, you won’t be able to identify the hitches in recruiters’ performance. However, once you have gamified your Bullhorn account, there’s no hiding the what’s leading problems in the recruitment system.

Final Words

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