Spinify has allowed us to use live data to create dynamic leaderboards. It has made a huge difference.
Jason Price
Senior Sales Executive

Spinify for Sales Teams

How sales team track data

All sales activities can be gamified. This could be from all of the lead indicator sales activities such as updating contact details on a database, phone calls, generating leads or opportunities or quotes sent, to the lag indicators for sales outcomes such as closing a deal.

Spinify connects to popular data apps to sync information entered by reps against a target activity. These updates determine the sales person’s ranking on the leaderboard. A leaderboard provides immediate performance feedback to players and their managers. Reps can see their own progress towards a target and that of their colleagues, which motivates everyone to work harder not to be at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Many people wrestle with the concept that the same person – your top gun – will win every competition. Spinify allows you to set up leaderboards fast and with infinite flexibility. Spinify allows you to allocate different targets to team members on the same leaderboard.

The Results

Engaged staff at 3X more creative, 37% better at sales than disengaged colleagues and can help a company outperform their competitors by up to 202%.


increase in outbound calls


uplift in monthly net profits


more activities completed