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7 Attributes of Great Real Estate Agents

May 8, 2017

There are 7 Attributes of Great Real Estate Agents and if you want to be one, learn how to be one.

Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest commitments people make in their lifetime. It is also an area where expertise and attributes can make a huge difference in the buy/sell experience as well as the outcomes, especially around property prices. We chatted to our customers and partners about their thoughts and added in our own experiences over many years and many properties. Here’s what we found.


The basis of all sales success is the ability to understand the needs of your customers and respond to them in a way that demonstrates your understanding of the market, their segment, and their dreams. The real estate market is time-sensitive, so you need an agent who will communicate any changes that may affect the realization of their expectations. They understand also what is not being said and will probe to ensure they are fully informed…


A good agent should have a list of potential buyers they are proactively calling. This could be existing customers, new leads from advertising or neighborhood visits. good agents maintain relationships with previous buyers or sellers as they know these people will be looking again as their circumstances change from big family home to downsized apartment or they move closer to grandchildren.


Everyone has two ears and one mouth and wisdom dictates we use them in that proportion. Most people will be wary of an agent who talks too much. No one wants an agent who is waiting for their turn to talk. They want an agent who actively listens to what they say, clarifies or confirms what they heard and then offers a considered response. A good agent asks the questions and listens intently to the answers.


Sales people clearly benefit from a sale especially in real estate where a percentage of the deal is paid to them upon successful completion of the sale. It’s important to have an agent who will act on behalf of the customer. This means the customer should ensure who the agent is acting for and how they will balance acting for both a buyer and seller if that is the case. For some customers it may be better to have an agent who acts for them and not for both parties, and a great agent will understand this perspective.


Maintaining the important relationship between sales agent and customer means clearly understanding how people like to give and receive information. Some clients like to communicate via email, some prefer a quick text message and others like to receive a phone call so they can have a chat about what’s happening with their property.


In any business relationship, the best way to get a good partner is contact their past clients to provide a reference. Unlike a recruitment interview where future employers ask for 3 referees, when selling your house ask for all their previous clients and you can choose who to call. A good agent should want you to feel comfortable that they’re the best fit for you.  Any of their past clients should be happy to provide a positive reference. Any reluctance – find someone else.


Great salespeople love to be measured on the activities they perform and the outcomes they deliver. They strive to see themselves at the top of the leaderboard be that on home appraisals, listings, or sold. managers or franchise owners can engage and motivate their agents to do more by running leaderboard comps that show the number of activities that they are doing as well as the progress against their targets. Themes, animation and colors keep leaderboards fresh so agents remain engaged and point to their accomplishments on the TV display.

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