Employsure brings Motivation, Drive, and Laughter to the Salesfloor using Spinify!


Brisbane, Australia


Workplace Relations, Health & Safety



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Engage the Team with Interactive and Amusing Competitions Features

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Creating a Motivating, Engaging, and Fun Working Environment


Spinify's Responsive Team are Accessible at Any Time

Motivating, Supportive, and Responsive to teams large and small!

Eliza Toohey is the Outbound Floor Manager at Employsure, the leading workplace relations and workplace health and safety specialists in Australia – supporting over 30,000 small and medium businesses. Employsure is using Spinify to help motivate and drive their Sales staff. Eliza loves how helpful Spinify’s Customer Success team is, responding to any questions within half an hour, no matter the time of day!

Competitions help drive performance and boost morale at Employsure!

Eliza loves Spinify’s competitions! Being able to see the staff change positions on the leaderboard has sparked a drive in performance with the interactive cues often sending the team into an uproar of laughter and cheers!

Employsure’s favorite feature is the Race competition style!

Eliza and her team love the Race competition style! The visuals of the little cars racing toward the finish line have been a big motivator to the Sales team. Eliza says “the way that the Salesfloor reacts to even moving up one tier, to two tiers, to three tiers, you can feel the energy radiating!”

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