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Sydney, Australia


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Monsido’s Web Governance Platform helps manage and optimize web presence with time-saving tools like prioritized errors, WCAG and Section 508 accessibility testing and automation.

What do you and your team like best?

Our team loves the visibility. We have a sales office in Sydney and one in San Diego. Our CEO and Development team sit in Denmark, so having a screen means everyone in the company can see how much sales we have brought in, in real time. The tables create a sense of urgency because team members will see what their peers are up to.

What is your primary role when using this product?

As the managing director I like that I have been able to set and forget. It requires minimal attention.

What business problems are you solving with Spinify?

The business problem is to create a transparent culture across the organisation which encourages learning from each other.

The Results:

The added benefit in creating a transparent and competitive environment means that sales staff never forget their admin! As soon as they get a sale or book a demo, they update their CRM to get the numbers updated. The biggest gain for us is getting correct data into Salesforce and getting it in there quickly. It has helped reduce admin backlog by 100%. Added visibility of deals being closed in one office, means other sales staff in different regions (US) can piggyback and contact the same organisations’ office in their region. Eg if we make a sale to BMW Australia, someone in the US can all BMW US and book a meeting. We have seen an uplift of 14% from these types of deals. Finally, there is an increased level of competition between our international offices. No quantitative results yet, but we will measure them closer later in the year.

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