PRDNationwide - Bundaberg

PRD Nationwide builds a fun, competitive office environment with Spinify


QLD, Australia


Real Estate

Teams using Spinify

Sales, Property Management

Increased visibility of the sales performance by having multiple screens setup in multiple offices, satellite offices as well as lunchrooms

Created fun, healthy competitions in the office environment

Solving Data Visibility

Ainsley Driver, the Principle of PRD real estate in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia and they’ve been using Spinify for both their sales and property management teams. Their sales culture is pretty competitive.

With multiple offices including people that don’t come in day to day, bringing visibility to the team and allowing them to see where they’re sitting down throughout the month is vital.

PRD Nationwide Bundaberg ends up having multiple screens setup in multiple locations, satellite offices as well as lunchrooms. It helped provide visibility of how staff were performing and also, “it’s really good talking points around during lunch time or even our sales or property management meetings. “ Ainsley states.

Making Sales Tasks Game-Orientated

To make it more fun, they use it at their weekly meetings at the property management department and “made it almost a little bit game orientated, which means that the property managers basically are able to compete by phone calls or might be new management or the lease amount of properties even maintenance and things like that.”

Ainsley Driver

Principle, PRDNationwide - Bundaberg

I’m a salesperson myself so I’m not just the owner, but being able to compete with my staff but also our staff members being able to knock off the owner off the perch of being number one, it might be sales or it could be part of our appraisals… it just makes it a lot of fun.

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This is a great feature for the team, to keep things light-hearted even at times when you know the grinds get going and as a Sales team, they get busy!

It’s exciting for management to see the outcomes from those activities, with real time data behind it!

It’s allowed us to take things that were offline and bring them online!

Gamify better performance

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