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Teresa builds a true recognition culture via Spinify

Teams using Spinify:
Sales team
  • Helped Teresa and the team at RE/MAX hit their goal of 550 homes sold
  • Spinify plays vital role in their company culture, not only celebrating their successes or engaging on a personal level

Enhancing Family-like, Competitive Culture

Teresa Cowart is the team leader and co- owner at RE/MAX Accent at Savannah Georgia. They have a very family-like culture but are still competitive, very driven to be the best.

Having Spinify leaderboards showing up on huge TVs all over the workplace helped to create a health, competitive environment. What also goes along with the culture and Teresa loves about is to post motivational messages. It’s not only helped managers to deliver messages to the agents and staff every day but also added value to their team members lives.

Celebrating 550 Homes Sold Milestone with Spinify

Spinify helped Teresa and the team at Remax hit their goal of 550 homes sold and helped celebrate the team afterwards. Rather than focusing on the success “we hit our number, we broke the record.” Teresa says, “they were also reminded of why they do it. ”

“What I really love about Spinify is the ability to add value to my team members’ lives. Whether we are doing a shout out for a job well done, whether we are, you know, doing a shot out for a birthday or, or a work anniversary. We had an agent’s husband who came home recently from overseas from Military and we’re able to put something up there for him. It just adds to the culture within this office and it allows me to be able to get the attaboy all the time consistently without actually having to get up and go see somebody all the time or me not being here when someone come(s) in.”

“it’s a way to do something that’s not super expensive, but add(s) just extreme value. You can’t measure it.”

Teresa Cowart

Co-Owner at RE/MAX Accent

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