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Take Your Sales Team to the Next Level with Salesforce Gamification

March 1, 2019

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Sales managers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver results. It’s no easy task to keep morale high when sales teams are faced with escalating sales targets and growing competition in a crowded market. How do busy sales managers create a culture of healthy competition, active engagement, and a drive to succeed? It all begins with data.

Combining gamification with Salesforce data to fuel powerful leaderboards and transparent performance metrics increases adoption of the Salesforce platform–ensuring that the right information is captured at every stage of the sale. Gamification also drives teams toward focused sales targets, creating urgency to reach goals while preserving a culture that celebrates success.

Spinify believes that gamification must be interactive and engaging to be successful, and as a result, the team has partnered with gamification experts from all over the world to offer the most innovative Salesforce gamification solution available.

Here are just a few ways that Spinify uses Salesforce gamification to transform sales teams of all sizes and from all industries:

Increased motivation

Human beings love competition, and sales teams are no exception to that rule. With real-time leaderboards that use the team’s own data to celebrate goal achievement and drive motivation, every member of the sales team can see at a glance how they are performing compared to their personal goals and overall team results.

Far from the stodgy, static dashboards of the past, Spinify allows users to customize and personalize leaderboards with their own branding, as well as video, backgrounds, and GIFs. When the team hits a target, and it’s time to celebrate, sales managers can customize the mechanics of the game to design a unique celebration.

Whether it’s a team goal or an individual spiff, Spinify uses Salesforce gamification to put performance front and center–giving sales reps the motivation they need to reach their goals and sit at the top of the leaderboard.

Improved insights

Transparency drives positive behavior. When a team has full access to their performance metrics and can compare them to the performance of their peers, they are naturally driven to work harder to achieve a goal or to earn recognition. Using Spinify’s intuitive performance grid, sales managers can set up recurring or one-time leaderboards based on Salesforce activities or sales outcomes. They have a full view of all players on the grid and can share progress and results with individuals or the team as a whole.

Spinify also offers targeted coaching tools to help sales managers identify team members who may need support from a mentor, providing data-driven details and helpful coaching tips to get the team member back on track for hitting their goals.

It shouldn’t be difficult to access the right data in time to make an impact on sales performance management. Spinify offers team scorecards to see activities, outcomes, badges and more. Teams can’t improve if they don’t understand how they are measured and how their performance is tracking against their goals.

No more whiteboards

How motivating is it to stare at a whiteboard, trying to decipher team standings with static, handwritten scribbles? About as motivating as watching paint dry, right? Spinify Salesforce gamification replaces old-school whiteboards with sleek, personalized leaderboards. And not only that– it puts real-time data at the fingertips of each member of the sales team. No more waiting for sales leaders to hunt down their dry erase markers to scratch out sales rankings and results that are already out of date by the time they are transcribed.
Engagement is dependent on insight. By putting accurate, real-time performance data in front of the sales team, everyone stays engaged and on task. And what whiteboard could play a personalized song or wish a sales team member a happy birthday? The small things make a difference in the high-pressure world of sales. Gamification matters. It fuels motivation and a culture of actively engaged employees.

For teams that prefer to collaborate toward a common goal, Spinify offers the ability to set larger team goals instead of individual competition. For example, if the team goal is to hit 50 set activities in a single day, all members of the team have visibility in real-time of the team’s progress, and the sales manager can define the parameters for celebration and recognition of the team once they hit their goal.

Bigger, better results

Real-time Salesforce gamification gets results. Instead of analyzing countless historical reports and wasting time trying to fix old problems while new ones have already taken their place, Spinify keeps sales managers in the present and focused on what matters. Every time a sales rep makes a change to a Salesforce record that is tied to a Spinify leaderboard, the change is instantly reflected on the TV, leaderboard or the user’s mobile phone.

Salesforce gamification is making a difference for companies from all industries and backgrounds. Spinify clients are reporting a 10% increase in monthly call volumes. Others have seen a 40% lift in the number of completed sales activities and a 66% increase in monthly net profits. Gamification gets results.

Don’t waste any more time with whiteboards and stale data. Start motivating sales reps to reach their targets, work together as a team, and celebrate success every step of the way.

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