Spinify brings excitement to the sales process and helps achieve goals even faster


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Changed office culture to be more interactive and engaging

Manager are able to get involved to utilizing the app easily, five-stars support

Achieving Goals Even Faster and Brought Fun & Excitement to that Process

Bryan Bond is the director of business operations at JazzHR. The sales agents at JazzHR love to be competitive but the management team tends to put “a nice fund twist” on it and that’s where Spinify can help.

Bryan shares that Spinify is not only about celebrating the sales results but also creating competitions on the leaderboards where the agents all try to fight and call to get the No.1 every month. He said the best thing he loves about Spinify is the way it displays information. It makes it fun and engaging.

Bryan Bond

Director, Business Operations, JazzHR

And as an admin of the system, on my end, it’s so simple and hands off. I rarely if ever have to ask for any fixes or help, or feature requests. They generally know what the end user wants and what excites salespeople and team members.

Looking for boosters for your team’s performance?

Keep your team engaged and motivated to excel with Spinify.

Keep morale high and the celebrations going

Motivate your team to do better every day

Play their favorite songs for every milestone

Ring the gong and celebrate with everyone

Add a bit of personality with memes

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If you're considering using Spinify to help motivate a large or a smaller team, I would say without a doubt, definitely 'Go for it!'

This is a great feature for the team, to keep things light-hearted even at times when you know the grinds get going and as a Sales team, they get busy!

It’s exciting for management to see the outcomes from those activities, with real time data behind it!

Gamify better performance

Unlock your team’s potential by making work more engaging.