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Why Your Business Needs Sales Enablement Tools

May 10, 2021


Without sales enablement tools, your business can suffer a lot.

From disorganized workflow to inconsistent services, a business that doesn’t use sales enablement assistance tools can experience it all.

Sales enablement saves time for marketing and sales teams by keeping them aligned with resources and content.

Times have changed–the way a buyer used to purchase and evaluate decisions has changed. And that’s why old-school marketing and sales techniques don’t work!

To adapt to the new wave of buyers, sales enablement must be practiced with utmost priority in every business. The sales and marketing teams must be given access to the right resources for facilitating buyers at every step.

Still not convinced? Organizations with sales enablement achieve a 49% win rate on forecasted deals, compared to 42.5% for those without.

Let’s take a quick look at five solid reasons why your business needs a sales enablement tool kit.

Provides Effective Solutions For Everyone

Marketing and sales teams, relationship management department, you name it, sales enablement tools provide something for everyone.

Whether you are starting small or big, a sales enablement resource kit will come in handy to your sales reps, sales content, sales force, sales training, and the overall sales process.

Helps Measure Performance of Sales & Marketing Teams

Without sales enablement, you can’t track your sales reps and marketing people.

But with sales enablement assistance tools, you can track weak links, A-players, loopholes, and more.

Ensures Everyone Is Achieving Goals

If the sales reps will not achieve their goals, your business will not be able to fly high.

With a sales enablement resource kit, you can ensure everyone is achieving goals and milestones on time. And how they are doing it.

Assists In Creating An Effective Sales Process

With the right resources in the hands of marketing and sales teams, you get to craft an effective sales process for your business.

As your sales reps and marketing people will utilize the tools more often, the more your business will start to shape up the perfect sales process recipe.

Helps Understanding Your Target Audience

One of the strong points to consider investing in a sales enablement tool kit is that it helps to understand your target audience.

Long gone are the days where a human analyzer will do the respective task manually. Today, with a sales tool, you can understand your target audience with minimum effort and fuss.

That’s not all! There’s a long list of reasons why sales enablement tools are important to your business.

But what the heck is sales enablement anyway? Let’s discover it in the next section.

What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement has recently surged in popularity, experiencing a 343% increase in adoption over the last five years.

But why all of a sudden businesses are hyping sales enablement? That’s because it’s a gold mine for sales and marketing.

Simply put, sales enablement refers to providing sales reps and marketing teams with information, tools, and resources to aid the buyer’s journey.

Sales enablement improves sales performance by handing out the right resources to sales and marketing teams.

Comparison tables, case studies, charts, CRM tools, and you name it, anything that ENABLES a sales rep to better up the buyer’s journey refers to as sales enablement.

In other contexts, sales enablement also refers to ensuring the supply of the right resources to sales reps.

Here’s a highlight of what sales enablement focuses on:

  • Connect sellers to the relevant audiences
  • Provide unique and flexible ways to WOW the customers
  • Enable sales reps to get continual sales training and development
  • Making content easy to find and present
  • Track buyer’s journey and sales reps performances
  • Real-time information on customer engagement levels

Now, we expect you to have considerable knowledge on why your business needs a sales enablement tool kit–and what sales enablement is in the first place.

Because next up, we are going to tell you how sales enablement benefits a business.

How Does Sales Enablement Benefit A Business?

There aren’t a few, but many, sectors that sales enablement benefits in a business.

Let’s dive in and explore the popular ones!

Training & Development

Improving employee performance is a continual and consistent process. But sadly, it doesn’t get enough concentration.

However, a sales enablement solution provides sales reps with the initial training and continual development they need to stand out.

With the right sales enablement training tools, your reps keep getting better and better.

And lastly, unlike standard initiatory programs, sales enablement tools focused on training & development are designed by experts in the sales stream.

While you are at it, check out the Top 5 Sales Enablement Skills Needed.

Makes Content Easy & Implementable

Content accounts for a massive proportion of the everyday lives of sales reps. And if the content isn’t well-curated, it makes the life of a sales rep a living hell.

Sales enablement hugely focuses on making sales content easy to present, useful, manageable, and findable.

From updating to adding and presenting, sales enablement takes exceptional care of your sales content.

Research reports, videos, case studies, and you name it; sales enablement makes everything easy and manageable for sale reps.

Tracks Sales Process & Buyer’s Journey

Sales are nothing without pinpoint precision. And that’s where sales enablement comes in.

Sales enablement solutions provide your business with modern tools that help you track your sales process and buyer’s journey.

You get to discover flaws in your sales reps, strategies, and more, thanks to easy-to-read data created by sales enablement solutions.

This sector of sales enablement helps your business to spend less time on the manual monitoring of sales reps and buyers. But without sacrificing results.

With sales enablement tracking and monitoring tools, you are in the front seat with insightful data and the power to change things in a snap.

Automates Repetitive Tasks

Long gone are the days where sales was a pretty manual business. Today, everything relies on tools.

With sales enablement, you get the tools to automate repetitive tasks in your business.

From creating email sequences to prospecting and direct messaging, everything gets done within minutes, thanks to sales enablement automation tools.

Your sales and marketing team no longer has to do the repetitive tasks manually. And that saves the precious time of a bunch of people in your business.

Provides The Right Resources & Information To Understand Buyers

Sales engagement is one of the underrated factors in sales organizations.

Simply put, if you as a sales rep will not be able to understand the buyers or your audience, how would you appeal to them, let alone convince them to purchase something?

A sales enablement platform provides your salesforce data and relevant content to understand buyers fully.

From purchasing habits to motives and detailed demographics, a sales enablement platform serves all the customer data to help a sales rep effectively engage with the buyer.

With ample customer data, your reps get to communicate, connect and engage with each individual effectively.

Now we know how sales enablement benefits a business, let’s discover some of the essential features of sales enablement tools.

Essential Features of Sales Enablement Tools

Not all sales enablement tools are created equal. Every sales enablement tool is different; there will be more about that in the next section. Let’s first cover some of the essential features you should look for in sales enablement tools.

Ease of Use

According to the State of Software Happiness report, 50% of employees are using software they hate.

A sales enablement tool must be capable of delivering the right content. But most importantly, it must be easy to use.

No one would like to work with software that doesn’t get things done with ease.

Regardless of the type, when choosing a sales enablement tool, make sure to check out its online reviews so you can judge and pick one for your business accordingly.

Insights & Analytics

Without tracking and measuring the performance of your business, you can’t strive. And that’s why insights and analytics are one of the significant features you should look for in a sales enablement tool.

Whether it’s an analytics-first sales enablement software or not, it must provide your team with the basic sales metrics. Apart from that, it must help you to make data-driven decisions by tracking your employees and creating a detailed report.

Content Management

One of the most underrated perks of a sales enablement tool is its ability to manage content.

Between all the white papers, reports, surveys, data points, and more, a sales enablement tool manages the content so an employee can the right handpick resources at the right time.


When everything fails to engage sales and marketing teams, gamification joins the game!

With gamification, your business can turn ordinary tasks and milestones into fun and intriguing competitions and challenges.

Whether you are training your team or want to up their sales game, gamification can drastically help your business achieve solid results.


Sales enablement is one of the fastest-growing and evolving concepts. And that’s why a sales enablement tool must be able to integrate with other supporting software.

Sales enablement tools that are diverse in terms of integration can give organizations the chance to keep everything in one place.


Not all businesses are the same, and that’s the reason why a sales enablement tool must be flexible.

A sales enablement tool must give you as an owner the flexibility to customize and use it according to your personal practices and conventions.

Without flexibility and customization, a sales enablement tool would be a mere liability for any business that wants to stand out.

Data Protection

Last and certainly not least, a sales enablement tool must back up precious information and data of your business.

Sales enablement tools that don’t provide serious data protection can hurt your business in ways you can’t even imagine.

Do some digging when selecting a sales enablement tool, as not all tools have the same privacy rules and security protocols for your company’s best interest.

Let’s dive in and understand the roles of different sales enablement tools.

Understanding the Role Of Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement tools are divided into many types. We are going to brief you about some of the hot ones with examples below.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence sales enablement solutions provide intel about the market to help sales reps sell more with efficiency.

Sales Intelligence & Prospecting

Can’t find the ideal customers for your products? Sales intelligence and prospecting tools will help you to find leads with good conversion potential.

Content Sharing & Management

Are you tired of manually finding and sharing content required by reps to brief customers? With content sharing & management sales enablement solutions, your business can organize, find and promote the right sales assets.


A customer relationship management system or CRM puts and end to all the manual tasks and lets sales reps focus on their actual jobs.

Training & Coaching

With training & coaching tools, your business not only makes sure the reps get initial learning materials, but they continually grow, learn and evolve.

Sales Engagement

Sales engagement platforms help your business to manage, measure and optimize how sellers interact with buyers.

Sales Management

With sales management tools, you get to manage the people who are actually part of your sales department.

From running contests to improving productivity, sales managers get to make decisions with sales management tools swiftly.

Sales & Team Collaboration

Sales and team collaboration tools bring the people in your business closer. From instant messaging to meetings and call analysis, sales and team collaboration tools feature it all.

Final Words–Enabling Your Sales Team With The Right Tools

When you empower your sales team with the right resources, they are charged up with the ability to sell effectively and efficiently.

Speaking of resources, Spinify is a gamification software that will help you manage your sales team with the science of gamification.

And do you want to know the best thing about Spinify? It seamlessly integrates with all the popular and famous sales enablement tools to pump up the sales team with motivation and drive to take the business on undiscovered success heights.

So, book a demo today and see how the blend of gamification and sales enablement can assist your business in wonderful ways!

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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