“What I really love about Spinify is the ability to add value to my team members’ lives”

Teresa Cowart 

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Ainsley Driver - PRD Nationwide Success with Spinify

“Throw away your whiteboard and get into the digital and your salespeople love it. And it’s a great way to have competition started within your team.”

“If your team works from multiple locations. Any of your team work from home, if you’re looking for ways to reward success and to hold a mirror up to salespeople business, gets Spinify.”

“We’re very pleased with the results that we’ve done and the value we got from Spinify and best of all, it’s something that’s been a lot of fun for the call center agents. So it’s a win-win at the end.”

“If you’re a sales leader, running your sales team and you’re looking to create a different sales culture or improve sales culture, highly recommend using Spinify”

“I would highly recommend a product like Spinify for other sales leaders. We find that it’s really fun way to share knowledge with the team”

Josh Sanders - Wood Construction Remodeling

“If you’re a leader of the sales team and you’re looking to increase the urgency of your sales and the pursuit of those sales, you should give Spinify a try.”

“One of the things I really like about Spinify is it talks directly to my CRM. Means it I don’t have to do anything to ensure that the bullets stay up to date and everyone knows exactly where they stand on the leaderboards.”

“… it creates that competitive character of your salespeople, no one wants to be at the bottom of the leaderboards. Their interactive, their voice updating … and the managers can get involved as well utilizing the app. “

“And as an admin of the system, on my end, it’s so simple and hands off. I rarely if ever have to ask for any fixes or help, or feature requests. They generally know what the end user wants and what excites salespeople and team members. “

“There are a few things I really liked about Spinify. One is the fact that they’re very responsive to our needs and might need specific feature requests or any support issues. We’ve dealt with very quickly.”

“Spinify has created a very healthy competitive spirit.”

As a sales leader in my business, it’s fantastic to have Spinify being automated feeding directly from our CRM so as soon as somebody does an appraisal of a listing or a sales, it feeds straight onto the screen and really adds to that level of competition.

“We have always been looking for new ways to give more recognition to our Agents and Staff. Spinify is exactly what we were looking for and then some!”

“We are achieving our goals because we now know exactly where we are and where we want to go– Spinify gives us the map and the “you are here” landmark.”

“If you’re looking to visualize your sales team stats and drive motivation, you can